National Aerobatics Day

JUNE 26, 2021


The skill, beauty, and excitement of aerobatic flight will be celebrated on Saturday, June 26, during the inaugural National Aerobatics Day.

There will be a wide variety of events including practice days, competitions, barbeques, community gatherings and seminars.

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and videos of National Aerobatics Day events:

The International Aerobatic Club exists to promote the safety and enjoyment of this great sport. What better way to celebrate than to set aside a special day to recognize the aerobatic community and engage in sharing a passion that too few get to experience?

Celebrate National Aerobatics Day with an Air Show or RC Event 


International Council of Air Shows 


International Miniature Aerobatic Club 

Contact the International Aerobatic Club to learn more about aerobatics or National Aerobatics Day;

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